Zamplo Research

An electronic data capture platform for Researchers.

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Zamplo Research is the first step to achieving a long-term vision of a person-centered connected health platform.

Ethics Approved

Zamplo Research studies have received ethics approval from respective institutional ethics boards such as the Coordinated Approval Process for Clinical Research and Institutional Authorization (CAPCR) and Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta Cancer Committee (HREBA-CC)

Wearable Integration

Zamplo connects directly with wearable devices to maintain privacy and does not use a third-party tool. This integration allows for one central location for all data collection.

Tools for Customization

Configure health tracking routines and standardized PROMs surveys. Participants from various disease profiles can have a custom experience designed just for them.

Participant Empowerment

Participants who use the Zamplo App can self-monitor their health and access their information at any time. After the research project is completed, participants can keep their data for life - improving retention and connection with participants in the future.

Data Security and Privacy

All data is communicated over encrypted connections and resides on Amazon Web Services servers in Canada. Zamplo Inc. does not have access to participant or study data. Data extraction can be performed only by authorized users.

Patient-Reported Outcomes

A scalable solution for global, longitudinal PROMs collection that lets participants self-monitor and report their data from anywhere in the world, on any device.

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