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How to use zamplo to fit your needs:

Zamplo Research can be utilized by various businesses and professionals, including researchers, health care practitioners, partner organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. It can be customized based on your situation and needs.

For a more in-depth, inside look at Zamplo Research, check out the white papers below.

Zamplo Research White Papers

Copy of Zamplo Research (2)

Zamplo for Research

How Zamplo can support research through real-time data exports, enrollment, participant engagement, efficiency, and cost savings. 

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Copy of Copy of Zamplo for Partner Organizations

Zamplo for Partners

Zamplo Research empowers your organization and the community that you serve by increasing reach, building community, simplifying patient onboarding, and increasing patient activation.  

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Copy of IHE

IHE Early Economic Review

An inside look into the early economic evaluation by The Institute of Health Economics of Zamplo for cost-effectiveness and self-management among patients 

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Copy of Copy of Zamplo Patient Support

Zamplo for Patient Support

Modernize patient support and increase your reach by customizing patient communities, educational material, symptom management tools, and data collection.

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