Zamplo Research in Healthcare Innovation

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May 4, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Zamplo Research in Healthcare Innovation

With the future of healthcare systems evolving, it is easier than ever for researchers and clinicians to find innovative ways to conduct research. New technology is constantly being created to help both the individuals who conduct research and those who participate in research. 

One new technological advancement is the introduction of electronic data capture platforms. These platforms allow researchers and clinicians to conduct research and store data from clinical trial participants. They can also be used as participant support tools to help provide meaningful and clinician-verified information to individuals. This innovation is meant to help reduce paper use, increase study reach, and improve efficiency. 

There has been an increase in research projects integrating electronic data capture platforms. Continue reading this blog to find out why others are using this new tool. 

Introducing Zamplo Research 

Zamplo Research is one example of how an electronic data capture platform can bring innovation to research. This electronic data capture platform was launched in 2020 with the support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It was created to collect real-world data on patient quality of life, connect researchers with patients and caregivers, and remotely monitor patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) data. 

This electronic data capture platform, when paired with the Zamplo App (a connected health platform), can bring deeper insights into clinical research. The connected health platform acts as the participant application so that data can be provided directly through a mobile device or desktop. The app then connects that data, with participant consent, into Zamplo Research for clinician or researcher use. 

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By integrating these two platforms, researchers and clinicians can view and export participant digital health data more efficiently and effectively. This allows for data collection that is secure, accurate, and compliant with study standards (Clinion). It is important that researchers and clinicians that use electronic data capture platforms, such as Zamplo Research, place the participant at the center of every decision. 

How Zamplo Research is Leading Healthcare Innovation 

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more person-centered with the goal of improving patient outcomes. With the introduction of electronic data capture platforms, it is easier than ever for researchers to collect PROMs data remotely, further creating innovative pathways to conduct research. For example, researchers and clinicians that are using Zamplo Research are empowering participants to create a level of autonomy within their health journey while simultaneously allowing them to participate in clinical research trials from anywhere in the world. 

Zamplo Research can bring innovative tools to researchers and clinicians for use in clinical studies. This includes capabilities such as real-time data extracts, streamlined enrolment for studies, and customized tools such as Routine Entries and Surveys.  

Prioritizing Privacy and Security 

These tools are helping to reduce the costs of research, improve efficiency, and increase participant empowerment and access. With Zamplo Research, data is owned by the participant, which allows them to contribute to studies in the future and keep that data for life – improving both connection and retention. Additionally, privacy is at the core of everything Zamplo Research does. Security is routinely monitored, tested, and enhanced to protect participant data.  

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Innovation within health systems, especially through the use of new technology, can aid in improving the way clinical trials are conducted. With these innovations, increased focus can be put on the participant and improving patient quality of life. 

The Alberta Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) Support Platform 

The best way to understand how Zamplo Research is innovating research and patient support is through the example of a use case. 

Dr. Nancy Nixon is using Zamplo Research to bring the Alberta mBC Support Platform to 1,000 individuals living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC). Individuals and their caregivers can use the Support Platform to easily document symptoms, prepare for appointments, and view their whole health journey. Additionally, the platform can be used to connect with other members of the mBC community and access credible and relevant health information. 

The mBC Support Platform has been co-designed by mBC patients for mBC patients using the Zamplo App platform. Dr. Nixon has co-created the features within the application with patient advisors to best serve the community. 

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Dr. Nixon is a full-time medical oncologist and researcher at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. She mainly focuses on providing systemic therapies for cancer patients and is involved in translational, clinical, and health services research. 

How Dr. Nixon Is Using Zamplo Research to Bring the Support Platform to Life

Dr. Nixon is using Zamplo Research to facilitate the project and help with the following: 

  • QR code registration: Using multiple QR codes for easy onboarding by reducing the required name and email entry by health care personnel. QR codes are included in promotional recruitment material such as postcards and posters. 
  • Health Library: Allowing Dr. Nixon to push electronic educational material (PDFs, web links, and videos) to an individual, cohort of participants, or everyone on the platform. 
  • E-consenting: Participants can view a PDF of a consent document and sign it digitally. A copy of that document is then recorded in Zamplo Research, with a signed copy available to the participant. 
  • Health Journey: Allows participants to create an overview of their clinical history. Information is entered by the participant or caregiver and is exportable in a PDF format. 
  • Community: Participants can search for others living with mBC to create a community of support. Participants can chat one-to-one and learn about symptom and management strategies, wellness and advocacy tips, and more. 
  • Surveys: Dr. Nixon can send surveys to better facilitate patient-oncologist communication for continuing care and set the agenda for visits to the oncologist. 

The Alberta mBC Support Platform aims to improve patient care and decision-making for individuals living with metastatic breast cancer. This resource is free and meant to help improve the quality of life of participants. To learn more about the Support Platform visit

Looking Forward 

A greater emphasis is being placed on participants within studies and on finding ways to improve their quality of life through the use of innovative technology. Zamplo Research, an electronic data capture platform, is just one example of how this is being done from a clinical perspective. As new technology emerges, it is important to understand how these new tools are shaping the way healthcare and research are conducted. 

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